1. Bharat Chenya

    We are associated with vaishnavi aquatech from long time, we are pleased to have their support during culture. They are the main pillar of our success.

  2. Bapa Sitaram

    We have started this business in 2008, early stage we are suffered a lot due to lack of experience, after we started our journey with vaishnavi aquatech, and we got extraordinary results with their technical support and timely product supply. Until now we never face any problem to get required products from them and we are availed extra discounts on cash payments as well.

  3. Alpesh Bhai

    Vaishnavi aquatech has now became brand name in south Gujarat aqua industry, at first we thought a lot to move with them because they are big firm and we just blooming bud, but after interacting with them we learned a lot and got tremendous support from them, they have played key role in our success.

  4. Bipin Rathuri

    We are very happy to announce that we are vaishnavi's farmer because from the starting date to till today they are the only one who stood behind us in every struggle, we have harvested several successful crops with help of vaishnavi aquatech.


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