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Our History

The Vaishnavi Aquatech was incorporated on 3rd October 2006 under the entrepreneurship of Mr. Jignesh U Contractor, as a private firm and is presently engaged in trading in shrimp seed, feed and medicine businesses. Vaishnavi is one of the prominent and enthusiastic company is dedicated to shrimp trading and its alleles, at the time of Vaishnavi Aquatech's incorporation into this business a big vacuum is there in this area and the vacuum filled successfully. In this area only very few companies are working in this stream after Vaishnavi's introduction it has taken acceleration to good heights.

Now the Vaishnavi Aquatech is the distributor of many reputed companies in the field of aquaculture like Godrej agrovet, The Waterbase Ltd, The IB group, Nexus Feeds, SDC agrovet, PVS agrovet, Tablet India, Bayer, Sanzyme, Posiedon, Novus International, Intron life sciences, Micro Remidies, Cadiox Life Sciences, Devi Biologicals, Salem Microbes etc.,

Until 2012, Vaishnavi Aquatech had monopoly in supply of special kind of black tiger shrimp seed which is known as SPF seed, we were the only who supplied such kind of seeds in Gujarat. Those seeds are disease free and grow at very high rate compare to other regular seeds.

Vaishnavi Aquatech has having total 400 dedicated customers to whom we supplies seed, feed and medicine on regular basis.

Our Vision

Vaishnavi Aquatech and its subsidiaries were founded on the premise of offering the highest quality products to our farmers and end users in aquaculture industry...


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