Company Overview

Vaishnavi Aquatech is a comprehensive farmer centered company with more than 400 farmers was accompanied in a broad range of farming and trading. Vaishnavi pledges itself to uphold and promote the excellence of farming and trading, and to mould the enlightened personalities of the farmers to become leaders in their chosen field to turn them the torch bearers for human society. Vaishnavi is having an avowed goal of bringing quality shrimp (prawn) farming practices to the doorstep of the farmers of Gujarat.

From beginning several professional companies such as Godrej agrovet, The Waterbase Ltd, The IB group, Nexus Feeds, SDC agrovet, PVS agrovet, Tablet India, Bayer, Sanzyme, Posiedon, Novus International, Intron life sciences, Micro Remidies, Cadiox Life Sciences, Devi Biologicals, Salem Microbes etc., are closely associated with us in all aspects of our activities.

From that diversity, the Vaishnavi fosters an atmosphere of close cooperation between farmers and companies creating a unifying atmosphere of excellence across all of its activities to encourage good farming practices.

Its basic characteristics of openness, warmth and support make the Vaishnavi an exceptionally welcoming community for farmers as well as various professional companies across India.

Our Vision

Vaishnavi Aquatech and its subsidiaries were founded on the premise of offering the highest quality products to our farmers and end users in aquaculture industry..


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